Safe and Sound Sri Lanka

Ranked among the safest destinations for travel and tourism post Covid

While it is no doubt that the pandemic greatly affected the travel and tourism industry, it is our greatest pleasure to assure you that Sri Lanka is once again open for travel and tour. Not just that, but our beautiful and tropical island has been accredited as one of the safest destinations for travel and post Covid due to the many safety precautions carried out by the government and health authorities.

Thereby, we are beyond excited to once again share the countless beauties that country offers that awaits your presence to be explored.

So, here are some facts that stand exemplary as to why you can reconnoitre our Sri Lanka without any worry!

  1. Minimal cases of the virus
    There have been comparatively few cases of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka thus far, with just 299 active cases as of 5th August and over 2,500 having already made a complete recovery
  2. Hands-on regulations set forward by the government
    The Sri Lankan government has been vigilant in putting in place appropriate measures to help restrict the spread of the virus from as early as January 2020, from enforcing an eight-week island-wide curfew to developing comprehensive instructions for hotels, restaurants, and transportation resuming operations post-lockdown.

    Alongside these measures, the World Travel & Tourism Council awarded Sri Lanka the ‘Safe Travels' stamp on August 10th in appreciation of the extensive health and safety measures proposed by the government to protect tourists during their vacation.
  3. Private getaway  
    Unlike other destinations around the world, when visiting Sri Lanka, you can ride in the same vehicle with the same chauffeur-guide during the trip, rather than taking several different transfers or public transportation, and you will not be expected to fly throughout the country. Your interaction with others is drastically reduced as a result of this.
  4. Untouched off the beat splendours  
    Sri Lanka is mostly an agricultural destination, with vast swaths of land dedicated to farmland and pristine forests protected for wildlife viewing. Despite its reputation as a beach resort, much of the coast remains undeveloped and unspoiled. Its few cities can be conveniently missed or visited in an interesting way away from the masses.
  5. Secluded boutiques and villas
    Staying at one of the many small luxury hotels and private villas spread across the island is a perfect way to avoid meeting other visitors. There are high-quality choices to meet both budgets and preferences.

Our clients' safety has always been our top priority, and our professional trip planners will advise you on the path, accommodations, and experiences that will enable your clients to safely explore Sri Lanka. They'll even keep you updated about the virus's most recent developments in the region.

Further, to ensure the well-being of our clients during their stay in Sri Lanka, we are establishing our own health and safety protocols, which include medical testing of our guides, sanitization of our cars, and review of our hotel partners' health and safety policies. In the coming weeks, we'll have more comprehensive details on these health and safety precautions.

In the meantime, be inspired by our series of presentations that showcase the best of Sri Lanka and how you can integrate these elements into your trip planning. We hope they provide you with lots of ideas for making incredible Sri Lanka vacations for others when you return.